moving forward following a binge

Hi, I am doing the impossible goal for weight loss – I have done it before and failed but I am not thinking about the past!

I have been doing well with planning food ahead of time, tracking and no sugar and no flour (but am not quite there yet).

I am aware that alcohol is a big reason I am very overweight – I drink far too much and then eat anything I can find. I am not sure how to fit this in – can I lose weight and give up alcohol, a related goal?

I stuck to things for 5 days and then last night decided alcohol would be a “joy” eat – three glasses. I ended up having a bottle of wine, then two gins and then ate all the bread.

I know I need to think this through and move on, but it is such a pattern for me, I am thinking that really, I can’t keep to one or three glasses, or is that thought the problem?

Would it be better to decide during this weight loss period – all year really – I am not drinking, but that thought does scare me! Many thanks.