Moving house 25/1/2020. Overwhelm. No painting hours

Two topics with model

I’m in the middle of moving to our new house. Meaning, I’ve responsibilities, meeting for the last details with architect, landscaper, carpenter for the last work that has to be done. I’m also packing in our ‘old’ house, selected what to keep, throw away and donate. Cleaning etc. The normal life with kids continues. My husbands is abroad for work. I still made my planning as if I wasn’t moving. With the ‘usual’ hours of painting etc. These last weeks and the coming 2 weeks before the move I didn’t adjust my planning so I’m frustrated, cause it’s impossible.

C. Work necessary for move on 25/1/2020
T. I can’t keep my planning, I should have been more realistic
F. Overwhelm
A. Spinning, waking up early in the morning, getting sensation of nausea (emotion/feeling?), being irritated towards kids and husband, behaving as a victim at end of the day, no painting (all materials packed)
R.Being less focused than possible

T. I can adjust my planning for the 2 weeks to come
F. Relieved
A. Plan, leaving room for breaks between tasks/meetings, plan free time as well, do the work as good as possible B-,
R. Enjoy this transition time and schedule painting for after 25/01/2020

C. Work necessary to move
T. I’m the only one who knows best how everything should be done
F. Victim
A. Cleaning, packing etc alone, speaking irritated with family, criticise the persons from businesses like curtains, lights, since they’re late for their appointment (Always, this is Spain), exhaust myself…
R. Do everything alone

C. I can ask for any help I need, I can hire help.
F. Relaxed
A. Look for cleaning lady for all windows, do the most personal part myself (selecting), plan also sport, free time, be a loving mother and wife and friend during these weeks, sleep well.
R. It will all be done well, in time.

My goal for 2020 is selling 25 paintings. I tend to take passive action. I came across a course for painters that want to sell their work. It looks interesting. I also realise that another course doesn’t make me do my massive actions. I know I have to make a website, pictures, a bio etc etc. What will it add? how will it help?

C. Course Abundant artist
T. It will learn me how to take action, since she’s experienced
F. Hopeful
A. Plan this course and stop taking my own list of actions, Looking for her experience online, look for people that did the course
R. Procrastinating my own plan

T. I know enough to take massive action
F. Willing
A. Stick to my list of massive actions
R. Do, fail, learn in my own way

Thank you for any feedback or advice.