Moving in together

I’m moving in with my partner and am deeply looking forward to it! We’ve had, and continue to have, conversations often about our wants. At the start of our relationship, we agreed that we were open to the idea of marriage but also did not believe it was necessary for a great relationship or a priority for us individually. Recently, as we made the decision to move in together we revisited the topic and agreed we were open to it, recognized there was an appeal in the idea of being married to each other, and agreed to talk about it again down the line.

As the move-in date gets closer, and we’re planning for our new place and life together, I’m noticing “I want to marry this person” thoughts and feelings of desire come up with more intensity and clarity than earlier in our relationship.

I would like coaching on how I can support myself in experiencing and validating these thoughts and feelings yet not translate them into the conversation. We’ve already agreed (logically in my opinion) that we want to focus on the present and to talk about this again later on.