Moving to the next Phase. (EV)

I’ve realized that when I do my thought work and models.

I come to a few realizations and then that’s it.

I kind of just leave it at that and through out the day I’m just in my head bouncing from positive to negative thoughts.

But I don’t actually practice what I wrote.

Should I be doing more models throughout the day?

I get very lazy with this and know I probably should since I’m resisting and just consuming instead.

I’ve been in scholars for 7 months and still struggle with the same negative thoughts I’ve had and of course have noticed even more thoughts surface.

Now I just kind of feel worse about it because I know I’m causing it.

And when I try to blame others, I realize that I’m just trying to escape the truth.

So maybe more writing and models needs to happen.

I understand the model and some days recognize that I am creating more own suffering.

I guess I jump in and out of phase 2.

How can I keep progressing ?