Moving on From a Fight

My husband and I had a pretty big fight over petty miscommunication. It resulted in him loosing his temper, yelling, saying nasty things, etc. He acknowledges his behavior was completely unacceptable. We have an amazing marriage, but this has happened 5-10 times now throughout our 7 years of marriage. I want to show him forgiveness as I would want to be forgiven (reciprocity). My reason to forgive is based on reciprocity instead of the gift of forgiveness. I also want to stay distant and upset so that he suffers hurt just like I did (punishment). My reason to stay angry is based on the wrong reasons as well. Can you help me move forward with my current situation. I do want to move on but at the same time respect myself and ensure this behavior won’t happen again. But I can’t control his behavior, so I need to change my thoughts. Thank you in advance.