Moving On

I’m having a hard time moving on from a very short-term relationship. I’m 30, never been married, no kids, still looking for a life partner. We dated for around a month and I was head over heels from date one – I was convinced this was my guy, but I kept my cool and we took things slow. Dates were great and he seemed to agree, he acted excited. After a month he stopped initiating contact, and replied sparsely if I contacted him, so I ended things via text (the only way we were communicating by then) after a couple weeks and never got a reply. Two months pass and I hadn’t stopped thinking about him daily. He recently started reaching out to me via social media, and initiated texting me about things related to our common career (as graphic designers). I decided since I wasn’t moving on, I’d be brave and ask if he wanted to get coffee to talk about design and see if maybe things could pick up where we left off. Heard nothing back. Not only am I disheartened things are really over, but I feel regret I didn’t “protect” myself from this happening (why did I even bother asking a guy who lost interest to spend time with me? I feel stupid).

For some reason I just feel stuck with this one. I know I’m overdue to move on. All the advice I know and use for other instances seems to go out the window with this one. I’m having a hard time since I don’t know why it ended or why he’s blown me off when things went so well when we dated – never one hiccup in that time. Since it “doesn’t make sense” to me it feels like it “shouldn’t” be happening… but it is happening, so apparently it should be this way. I feel disconnected from my spirituality/coaching and illogical, obsessing over this. It was short term but is affecting me as badly as longterm breakups I’ve dealt with, which is very unusual for me. Any tips on where to start?