Moving past being unfaithful

I have been spending quite a lot of time around a thought that I have of not being trustworthy to myself and in my relationships. I have linked it to few occasions in my past relationships where I have been unfaithful as a way to escape conflicts/more difficult situations in the relationship and I am seriously judging myself for it now and defining my current self by my past self. It is something that I want to change and become more authentic and say things as I see them vs people pleasing (therefore confronting more uncomfortable situations in my relationships instead of escaping it). I would love some help on how I can stop judging myself for my past actions (as I really believe it was wrong to be unfaithful) and start building this trust with myself that I can be a faithful person, I can be trustworthy and most importantly be authentic in any situation. I think I would like to feel compassion for my past self but really struggle to see beyond my moral compass.