Moving past “positive” limiting beliefs

Hi Brooke,

I have a question regarding how to move past a limiting belief that, I guess, in some ways, would be considered positive.

My whole life I was very tall, and relatively thin, and was often described as ‘striking’. I was a girl who was stopped at the mall to be asked if I were interested in modeling. Sob story, to be sure. But as I’ve aged out of “striking”, and into overweight and rather odd-looking, I’m trying to move past my self-loathing. I know you say you have to find something you can believe. But, I used to believe I was beautiful. And now, I cant say to myself “I have a body” without also hearing “and it used to be thin and beautiful”. I’d love any advice you have on quieting competing narratives in this way, as I dont really know know to work the model when it seems like each corrected thought has so many poisoned branches.

Thanks in advance,