Moving through things more quickly

Hi Brooke,
Had a little episode Monday night with my SIL & normally would’ve perseverated on it for WEEKS. I did about 5 models to turn around my thoughts and was able to let it go by the next day…but not before indulging in a little bit of self righteousness that I knew was a complete choice. And then *POOF* it was gone.

Not that you need a testimonial, but man, SCS has helped me learn a) wow, I hate any kind of drama. I keep my life so drama-free that when it happens, it creates visceral feelings. I just sat in it and had to work on my self-righteousness. And I didn’t like it one bit. And I did not die from it. b) I have control over drama and can move through it more quickly, am working to understand the difference between my junk and what is out of my control. c) I have a better idea of how to nip drama in the bud next time – instead of getting triggered and reacting, I need to respond, not react to this particular person. (I do it fairly well in all other aspects of my life, but this person is a trigger for me.)

THANK YOU…and, as an insulin-resistance 46-year-old woman who has not seen the scale budge since my 30s, THANK YOU again! I’ve been following the Stop Overeating tenets and am down 14.5 pounds since 1/2/17 AND am wearing a pair of jeans today that I haven’t been able to get my ass in for two years! xoxo, Jen