Moving to a lower cost of living area

I’m moving from California to a small town in Ohio. Over time, I’ve become comfortable with the move from being reluctant at first. There are probably some different things that I can do in Ohio that will be easier to do than in California, namely financially.

I listen to a money coach (not LCS) who always says that cutting expenses is not as good as increasing income, so my story about moving to Ohio is that “I’m moving because I can’t financially hack it in California”. I know that is just a thought, but since I’m looking forward to the cost savings in Ohio, I wonder if I’ve just given up on the thought work it would take to remain in California and increase my income. I’m second guessing this decision.

I’m also looking to pay for IVF, which will be easier to do in Ohio on my current income. I’m fearing that I will beat myself for leaving California if I can’t afford a home if I want to come back. I wish I could just make a decision and not second guess myself. Basically, I’m worried that I’m not self coaching toward making more money, I’m taking the easy way out by moving to a lower cost of living state, and that with this action, I’m going to fall behind economically because I have the wrong mindset about money.