Too much in too little time

Hi Brooke!

I’m SO excited to actually be writing you, because two months ago I would have sworn I couldn’t make enough money to be part of your program and…here I am!

So my current struggle involves scheduling and do-goals. You frequently advise us to set an amount of time for a project and then honor that time limit. However, in a response to a question here in Ask Brooke (“Scheduling for productivity and attaining goals”) you stated that “Must of us don’t want to feel restricted by plans because we plan too much in too little time.”

I have been trying to schedule time to write a series of lessons for an email program I am creating. I give myself an hour per lesson…and then finish an hour of writing only to realize that I have included a mere 1/3 to 1/2 of what I wanted to include in the lesson. This happens pretty consistently, and so far I’ve simply been doing thoughtwork that allows me to resume writing the next day with energy and purpose rather than dwelling on thoughts like “I’m not doing enough,” or “This is taking too long,” etc.

But my question is this: Am I “planning too much in too little time”? Do I need to accept the “reality” that I need to schedule more time for this project and put off my launch date? Or do I need to demand that I’m finished writing that lesson after that hour since that is the time I scheduled? And if I go for the second option, what do I do about my desire for a more complete lesson? I know I could change that thought, but SHOULD I?

Thanks so much for everything you do – you are FABULOUS.

Jessica Heimsoth