Too much massive action?

Hey Brooke, I had a call with Pat this morning and it was really great. I’m on fire with my coaching business – in a good way. I have one on one clients and group clients and we have a big ebook launching this week. We recorded my first podcast today. I’m passionate and enthusiastic about what I’m doing. I’m working 18 hour days – at least, and I’m driven, committed and all in. And I’m burning the candle at both ends and the middle is melting out. I’m front and center with massive action. However, I’m tired, really tired. On the weight front: I’m down 160 lbs today. In fact, I’ve almost lost as much weight as I currently weigh! I’m IFing and eating once a day. I don’t have any problems with my protocol. It’s working beautifully. Well, Pat suggested I create a work protocol like my eating protocol and constrain my work hours. Brilliant! My question is how do I know when to say enough to work and stop? I don’t want to lose momentum. I want to get this project done and get it out into the world because I know it will help so many people with their weight loss struggles. I’ve reached a point where there’s a net negative result to working such long hours and I want to have my life back and get more than 7 hours of sleep too. Sex and snuggling would be nice as well. Many things have been put on hold, like vacuuming and laundry – which isn’t a problem. There’s always going to be house cleaning right?! I totally know that I’m never going to have my old life back because I’ve evolved into this massive action fire cracker. Please a little guidance is appreciated. So how do I continue taking massive action and participate in non work things? Thanks! Your biggest fan, Elizabeth in Alaska. Love you so much!