multiple circumstances same thoughts?

Just got off phone with a work friend and my mind is not in a good space (two things she said got me feeling/thinking the same thing). I know this drama well now because of the work I’ve done. I like to create a story of being less than and rejected.

C: Kathy was asked for a position, I was not
T: Why not me? (my thoughts always seem to start with questions and then I answer it): they like her better, she is better than me, they don’t like me
F: rejected/jealous (I put two feelings here and may need help separating them?)
A: hate on myself, comfort with food, not show myself love
R: perpetuate the belief I’m less desirable than other people

C: Kari asked Kathy before me to cover her shift (Kathy couldn’t cover so then Kari asked me)
T: why not ask me first: she likes kathy better, she thinks kathy does a better job than me,
F: rejected/jealous
and then A & R line are the same as the above.

Thank you in advance