Multiple goals/priorities

I listen to two of your podcasts. The one about self-sabotage got me thinking. What do you do when you have multiple sets of goals, and one set conflicts with the other? For example, I feel like I should exercise, and I feel very tired. The exercise relates to the health and well-being and losing weight goal. I also know that to meet my music goals, I need to practice every day. I also know that I’m out of fresh fruit and kitty litter, so I have to go to the grocery store. This is all after I work a full day. So part of me feels like I’m self-sabotaging because maybe I could have fit a 2nd short walk into my day after work, but then I know exactly how long it takes the 15 minutes it takes will exponentially grow, and there’s a good chance I would get home and be too tired to do the practicing.

It would be good to know when is the difference between self-sabotage and acceptance that time is limited and priorities compete. Or maybe priorities don’t compete if I know how to think about them differently.