Multiple Niches – Part 2

I refined my niches more. I think what I want to do is talk about all of these topics in my podcast / social media, and then eventually develop programs for all of them, and maybe a School or University where we explore them all (like Scholars, but for empathic leaders + entrepreneurs).

Here’s where I landed:

1. I teach highly-sensitive, achievement-oriented leaders + creatives to stop burning out and start living life by revitalizing body, mind, and spirit – without having to quit your job.

2. I teach achievement-oriented empathic entrepreneurs + leaders to overcome depression, anxiety, exhaustion, and brain fog while losing weight by restoring your nervous system with food – not medication.

3. I teach high-earning, empathic corporate professionals how to leave corporate and start a soul-aligned, abundant coaching business by _______________________________?

4. I teach highly-sensitive entrepreneurs + leaders to boldly and confidently live their most authentic lives by owning their truth (this doesn’t sound compelling).

5. I teach adult-children impacted by cPTSD to rediscover meaning, connectedness, ease, and joy in their lives through restoration of the body (nutrition) mind (thought-work) and spirit (shadow work, inner child work, internal family systems therapy, psychedelics) – instead of medication or endless talk-therapy.

I’m definitely struggling with the “by”…how do I actually do these things? Brooke’s example in the niche worksheet is great, but I’d like some more examples!

Also, I am a psychotherapist in training and will market myself as such, so I will be able to talk about some of the more ‘head on’ mental health issues in the near future. I know the regulations around therapy and coaching, but just wanted to make that clear for anyone who is reading and wondering!