Help to stop multitasking!  I am already a pretty good calendarizer (if that’s a word). But I have so many more things I want to do now! I want to continue my private practice with patients because it fills my heart. I want to start coaching (take certification course), I want to continue real estate investing both actively and passively.  I am a mom/ wife as well! And I want to continue having my own self care time and down time.

Unintentional model:
C: can’t stop multitasking
T: there is so much to do!
F: can’t get it all done!
A: more multitasking
R: not completing anything!

Intentional model:
C: endless possibilities
T: I have time to do everything, one at a time!
F: I am calmer, trust in future, trust myself
A: I plan my time and my life slowly. Give myself time. Do not beat myself up about being too slow . There is no rush. It is not a race
R: everything gets done