music is able to cause feelings without thoughts part 2

Thank you for your kind and prompt reply.
I am really not convinced by the answer I received.

What I noticed is that my body was made vibrating by the music.

And if you think about it, this is why they use music in movies. Music help you feel a certain feeling cause it adds a vibration to the vibration caused by your thoughts. For example some kind of music will make you feel upset , or suspense (thus helping the movie maker to make sure you feel that emotion not only because of what is happening in the movie)…and other kind of music will make you feel relaxed. If you swapped the music, you would have a very different experience for the one who is watching. Don’t you agree?

The fact that every person that hears the song doesn’t have the same experience of music could be explained by the different thoughts they can have about the vibration going through their bodies.

In the end, even the sentence “ONLY thoughts create vibrations in your body” is a thought, not a circumstance. Right?

Again, just curious. And it’s okay that we have different opinions I guess. 🙂