Hi – not a question, but would like to share.

I’ve been in the program for 7 months and my life has completely changed. There’s a lot of musicians/artists posting here that they don’t believe it can happen money wise for them… Seven months ago I thought the same thing… In the arts there’s a deep over-mind of scarcity. Everyone believes artists/musicians don’t make money unless you’re famous… (I know, just a thought) but if you use the tools in scholars you can overcome that. In May I made the decision to go for it. As a violinist, I quit my private teaching to pursue the career I wanted in music and now make double what I made before. So basically, I have gone from 50K to 100K income. I haven’t completed my 100K year yet, but I am on track to do so by hitting over 8K a month ever since I made my 100K goal. I had to go through feeling like complete ass… putting myself out there, raising rates, increasing value, reaching out… trying and totally failing at anything I could think of…. feeling like crap and then getting up to do the next thing. I have learned that feelings of humiliation and shame ARE THE SIGNS that I’m on the right track. If you keep going and don’t quit, just like Brooke says, you will see success – even if you’re a non-famous musician like me.

So, the other day I was performing a concert with my cellist. We are a duo and play our concerts from memory. Normally I have several spots where things “get wild” and I have to improvise to cover up my mistakes (which is ok because I only perform music I compose so no one “knows”). I had this crazy experience, during the concert, where I went into this zone where I was completely aware of my thoughts as an observer. I heard my brain say “you don’t know the next part” in a frantic, mocking voice. Every time I let that thought sit there I would “forget” the music and have to improvise and start to shake. Then I “heard” my new self override the old self saying “change your energy. You’ve got this. Feel it.” I would go into this meditative state where I believed the new thought and felt it tingling in my body. I then felt this deep amazing feeling that I can’t describe that went into the music. The taunting thought kept coming back and I kept having to override it as I played my violin (at times it felt like a battle). The result was that I played the best concert I have ever played and was energized instead of depleted by the end of it. We had an instant standing ovation and sold the most merch we’ve ever sold. It was so cool to witness the thoughts and see the results in real-time… super tough, but it is true: our thoughts create our reality.

Through all the shame/humiliation I have experienced on this path I’ve developed much better stage presence and connection to the audience. I used to literally hide after a concert… Those days are over! I am now so excited to perform the rest of the concerts in our series… I still have a long way to go (and have many negative/limiting thoughts), but I am so thrilled that for the first time in years I’ve actually made changes… Thank you SCS coaches and Brooke for the amazing program! <3