My 16-year-old might fail courses this term

My 16 year-old-son might fail courses this term. Last term he left a huge pile of assignments to the very end of the term and nearly failed those terms. He is in the second-last year of high school and his grades will go on post-secondary transcripts. He has a pattern of spending all of his time playing video games, then doing assignments at the last minute. Unfortunately, he has learning disabilities and struggles with writing and focus so that doesn’t work very well. In previous terms, I have pulled out all the stops: emailing teachers, getting his father to harass him, nagging him every day, offering help, helping at the 11th hour. He barely got his assignments in on time and it was super stressful for me.

Can you help with my models?

C son’s assignments
T Son might fail courses this term
F freaked out
A buffer, ruminate over the situation, email teachers, nag son every day to work on assignments, monitor his activities, spin, indulge in confusion
R ?

C son’s assignments
T All I can do is offer help and love him (not sure I believe that?)
F loving
A manage my thoughts and feelings, offer support to my son, accept his choices
R I do the best I can as a mother