My 20 year old sucks with money!

This Christmas I decided that I was NOT going to give my daughter money to go shopping for me and her father this year because she’s not a little kid any longer. Shes 20 years old, moreso, because she earned $3000.00 this summer at her summer job and spent it all from June through October.

Im pretty furious that she spent every last dime and didn’t even think about the Holidays coming and shampoo (shes been borrowing my shampoo) and its bugging the crap out of me because she didn’t think ahead and Im finally putting my foot down. We have been coaching her about money for the last several years and it doesn’t seem to be making a difference. She’s about ready to go into the Navy and I am refusing to give into her. I feel sooner or later she needs to learn this lesson and get a grip on money or else shes going to act entitled forever.

So, my prob is that I kind of feel bad about not letting her borrow my toiletries or give her money for presents this season. I want her to learn a lesson about saving and, grow up financially.

Am I being a bully or, spoiling the shit out of her and creating a monster?