"My anxiety is intolerable"

This is a thought about my anxiety that I don’t think is serving me.

Unintentional model:
C:  sensation in the body
T:  my anxiety is intolerable
F:  resistance
A:  I continue to push against the anxiety, I try to figure it out, say it’s a problem, try to make it go away, try to tolerate it, but really I continue to push against it. I have more thoughts about how the anxiety is intolerable.
R:  I continue not to allow myself to tolerate my anxiety

Question: How long am I supposed to stay in my unintentional model before moving on?  How do I know when I’m ready for the intentional model?

Intentional model:
C:  sensations in my body
T:  “oh hi there, anxiety, come on in, take a seat and get comfortable!  Good to see you again! Let’s see what flavor of anxiety we have today”
F:  Open, curious
A: feel the sensation of anxiety in my body without judging it or trying to make it go away, although honestly I think I always want it to go away
R:  I’d get to know what anxiety feels like in my body

What are some other thoughts that could create the feeling of…I guess the opposite of resistance?  Allowing?