My April Re-Birth (addendum)!!!!

I forgot to mention – also in April, the new app! Thank you for that! I’m just beyond impressed on how much I’ve seen the company decision making and growth in just my six months. We did away with the USB, which was understandable. A nice to have vs. a need to have. The same with the Podcast homework book – however, I noticed I was much more likely to get my podcast work done when it was on paper and I’m still adjusting to using my MacBook for the podcast work. And the app… the 2.0 revision feels like something you didn’t have to do, but you did it and did it well. I used to get confused on the differences between the Ask Brooke section on my app, which differed from my computer Ask Brooke, which differed from each month’s Ask Brookes. Before I could ask, you fixed it, and from what I can see, consolidated as well as add the drop down tree for Ask Brooke and Business. Sad my saved audios are gone. I was saving my live coaching with Brooke and some Model Q&A’s I was on. I suppose I can go back to those months before its year arrives and save them again right?

I’m just blown away and I’m calling this a re-birth because it does all feel brand new and fresh.

Thank you thank you thank you!