My April Re-Birth!!!

I started SCS in October! Been addicted ever since 🙂 I got sick in late December and just started to recover and have my old energy back this month (March). I signed up for the Coaching Certification Program in late December and it felt like the program starting in April was ” so far away.” I just received my April box and Time Management the way you are approaching it, is definitely what I need to strengthen all aspects of me and give me that confidence. Also in my April box, my VIP box! It’s been 6 months! What a treat! And as mentioned, in April, I start the Certification Program! There’s a part of me that is so excited like all of this is new to me – well, it kind of is, in a way – and I feel like I’m opening present after present. Then there’s the part of me that feels like this is all new to me – almost as if I didn’t do 6 months of work and feeling a bit unconfident (yes I could do models on these). At any rate, I’m excited while nervously and happily excited!