My Beautiful Brain and Big Decisions!

My beautiful brain is at it again! Yesterday I finally committed to Coach Certification training and even though I am still employed full time, I chose a class time that is within “working” hours.  My workload has diminished considerably due to Covid-19 so what better time to move forward, right?  I work for a very large corporation, but usually have quite a bit of autonomy in terms of my schedule. I reminded myself I’ve researched programs, benefited personally from Scholars and have available funds to pay my tuition.  I was excited and celebrated making my BIG decision.
Today, I am second-guessing myself and worrying I’ll have scheduling conflicts, there’s too much competition, I’m spending too much, and so on. Seeing there are tens of thousands of Life Coaches in the world,  wondering if I’ve made a mistake, thinking all the things my brain likes to serve up when I decide to take a risk.
I need some help with my thoughts to get back to owning my choice, having my back, and knowing this is the right time and the best way to pursue my calling to help myself and serve others.