My Best Friend and I keep arguing about the news regarding COVID

Please help me with my model. I value her friendship, but I find it maddening when she argues with me about COVID when I am a physician and she is not.
Today is my first day of the Scholars program. Please help me with my model so the friendship is intact yet she respects my perspective and knowledge.

Circumstance: I am a doctor. My best friend is a teacher. I texted her & other friends an article in which Fauci claims the #s of COVID will possibly rise to 100K per day and it is worst in 4 states, one of which is hers. During an exchange, she texted “The masks should be worn to protect the vulnerable. Outdoors away from people they don’t offer protection” and later, “I don’t know the criteria, but have read that they (ventilators) are overused and many patients could be treated with less intensive respiratory support. I think it’s ridiculous if you think that doctor (someone else) was looking for fame…”

Thought: She is not qualified to assert herself on this medical topic when I am a physician
(as if she is a medical professional or to even judge my opinion that the fringe doctor’s video she is referring to is for fame. )

Feeling: Anger, Resentment, very Offended, Insulted. Hurt that she doesn’t trust my opinion over hers. Sad that her wreckless thoughts could endanger herself.

Action: I messaged her my points of view and feelings and I became reactive and said her thought was ridiculous and texts kept going back and forth in escalation.

Result: Falling apart of friends. I told her perhaps we shouldn’t talk until COVID resolves.