my biggest problem

Hi brooke.
So here’s my biggest problem. My husband has been unemployed or under-employed for the entirety of our marriage (14 years). Despite that I have started my own business, which has been very successful and life-giving to me. We have two small kids. I think about divorce daily. I try to access my higher self and think “this is perfect,” “this is his perfect experience, let it be,” “his choices have nothing to do with me,” etc. etc. but most of the time i feel rage and resentment. I’ve tried to get us in therapy – he doesn’t want to participate. I’ve tried connecting him to contacts – he finds a way to mess it up. I have never ever seen someone so unwilling to change. I think about how I’m from a scrappy immigrant family – grateful and making the best of things despite a really difficult path to stability. Then I think about his family – privileged, wealthy and committed to being victims and blaming everyone else for everything. The only thread keeping me tied to him is our children. I’m not sure how to direct my mind. Any insights would be super appreciate.