My body is a representation of my mind (and therefore I feel I am judged)

Dear coaches

I am working on my body image. I have identified that I feel guilty for my size, my skin and my scars because I have the thought that these elements are in my control and I can’t believe I have treated my body this way.

Eg my size is because I overeat when I am unhappy
My skin is because I over drink when I am avoiding
My scars are because I self-harmed when I was younger.

I realise I think my body is a representation of my mind/mental state and that makes me feel embarrassed. Like, people can see size/skin/scars and they will judge me, thinking I’m a nut job.

If I look smaller/healthier, I *think* people won’t make assumptions about my mental health.

I realise I am creating my experience with these unhelpful thoughts but not sure what to do next.

How can I use this work to untangle my beliefs about body being a representation of my mind, and why I even care?

Thank you