My boss listens to my phone conversations

I work in a school transportation office and my new boss listens in on my conversations and afterward tells me not to be so helpful to the parents that call. Don’t give out my email and extension, don’t say if they have any other questions they can call back. Basically – don’t be nice and friendly. This is a new job for me, and I am 100 percent regretting taking it. I have the opportunity to go back to my old job within 6 months, but I got a big raise to take this one. It’s just not in my nature at all not to be helpful and friendly. I feel so frustrated that she’s listening in. I have been there 30 days today.
I have 6 years in this school district and she’s only been here for 9 months. Here are my models — also, I struggle with the result line of all my models.

Here is my model:
C: Boss listens to my phone conversations
T: I don’t like that she’s listening in.
F: I can’t be myself on the phone with people
A: I am stiff and unsure of myself on the phone — not me!!
R: ?

C: Boss says don’t be so helpful on the phone
T: I have a helpful personality – this is me
F: She should not have hired me.
A: I talk about quitting all the time at home.
R: ?