Hi Coaches, I have the dumbest thing I am obsessing over.
The VP of our functional group “friended” me on Social Media about this time last year.
I was happy about it and felt “special” because she did.
She responded to my post both directly and DM periodically.
I always get a hit of satisfaction when she does … I guess I feel validated by someone I want to notice and like me.
over the past month she has stopped commenting on my post completely.
She is active on SM and I see her posting on other peer accounts (I am obsessing so I am looking).
I am bugged that I care – either way … that she would be active on SM with me, then not.
I don’t want to care if she likes or notices me, or not. But I do.
Now I am wondering what I have done, why she has stopped.
I am a grown woman, and I should not was this type of attention from another grown woman.
T: She is not active on SM w/me; I have done something wrong
F: vulnerable
A: obsessing, watching her account and my peer accounts for her activity
R: wasted time and emotional energy on something that ultimately does not matter.

HELP! I want to eliminate this need to be noticed and validated by other people.