My Bosses

Hi! Just finished my second month of Scholars and I’m learning so much! I’m really learning the power of thought downloads, which really helped this past week. So, recently we’ve needed coverage at work for the person who does my job at night and we’ve been having a difficult time finding a temporary replacement. I work for a husband and wife who have both remarked that the job is pretty easy. It isn’t easy. We have a lot of responsibilities but I won’t get into that. The point is I thought they were rude and totally ignorant. However, by doing thought downloads this morning, I realized that what really bothered me was, what if they’re right, which made me feel less valued as a person and as an employee. I (eventually) realized their opinions say something about who they are and what they believe and I can continue to show up at work and in the world knowing who I am. It would be great if everyone would know our worth, but it’s more important that WE know OUR worth! I’m becoming less and less effected by the opinion of others.
Here are the models I came up with….what do you think?
Unintentional Model:
C: my bosses
T: They are ignorant and don’t value my work
F: insignificant
A: have a hard time doing my job
R: stressful work environment

Intentional Model:
C: my bosses
T: They get to think whatever they like; I know my value as a person and as an employee
F: empowered (do you think accepting is a better word here?)
A: continue to do my job to the best of my ability; show up and give 100%
R: a happier work environment
Thank you!