My boyfriend did something and got financially hit and didn’t tell me!

Hi, my boyfriend and I have been together for 6 1/2 years. We’ve been through a lot and I’m often surprised we are still together. We’ve come a long way and I thought we had open lines of communication until today. I found out that he damaged a rental car a few weeks ago and he never told me. We got a notice in the mail stating he owes them $4500. He knew exactly what the bill was for but played it off like they were charging him by mistake. He said he was going to go talk to them and when he came back he said, “They can sue me!” Well I went down there to ask more questions and they said he never came in. I came home and that’s when the truth came out. He said he damaged the car and didn’t tell me because he thought I would break up with him due to his history of financially self sabotage. He lied to me in the past about something that eventually caught up with him so this is not the first time. He spent 26 years in prison and is an amazing human being but deep down he thinks life is a struggle and he’s a loser. Since I’ve been in scholars, doing my own work, he has been working on his model as well. But then this happened and my first thought was, “you lied and betrayed me!” I cannot see it any other way and I think I need to end it with him. He needs help and I think I’m enabling him. He’s been financially sabotaging himself for our entire relationship and I’m starting to wonder why I stay. I love him but now I’m starting to believe we aren’t on the same path in life. I could model this but I feel sick inside. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. I apologize if I’m not making any sense. This is very difficult.