My boyfriend doesn’t like my dogs.

I thought I finally found the love of my life a few months ago. Everything seems so perfect until last weekend when I went away and he volunteered to take care of my two dogs (11 year old and 7 months puppy). We were thinking about moving in together and this morning, we had a long chat. He wants to prolong the decision of moving in together now because after taking care of them for the weekend, he realizes it’s a lot of responsibility and he feels suffocated with them around all the time. Furthermore, he said he’s having OCD with my dogs peeing on themselves outside and it rains all the time and having to take care of them and the home when they’re inside. Also, the amount of times and effort to take them out. He also feels a strain on our relationship when I have to go home early to take care of my puppy or wake up early to take her out to pee.
I’m feeling really sad right now because I feel like this might not work out and this might build resentment in the future. I also don’t want to delay moving in together because no matter what, my dogs will always be with me and I don’t want to find out later on that it wasn’t going to work anyways. I feel sad because my thought is that he wants me to choose between him or the dogs and its very unfair and selfish of him. I feel sad because I really want this to work out and him telling me this. I want to shut down and walk away. I don’t know what other solutions there are if he doesn’t like them and we can’t live together.