My brain hurts

I’m in the CCP program learning to become a coach. My brain wants to make everything into a problem. Every day I do thought downloads and see the urge to hide. (Should I have an urge jar for that? just kidding) I see how the urge is behind so many dreams not pursued. Desiring the comfort of the known versus the discomfort of expansion. I see this is the point where I’ve quit things in the past (pre learning from the podcast and SCS.) I’ve been “coaching” friends for so long and love seeing people shift from their habitual thought patterns, to higher energy, more powerful ones.

C: Coaching
T: It’s scary to let others know that I’m doing something different; I don’t want to tell people….so I’ll never coach
F: Anxious and disappointed
A: Spin. No progress.
R: Be scared, don’t coach.

New model
C: Coaching
T: Inch by inch I can do new things that I believe in. Maybe bigger steps in time.
F: Like I have my own back.
A: Walk through discomfort, grow.
R. Get closer to my goals.

Thank you. I appreciate having a place to go with this.