I am doing some self coaching and as I am offering my brain some Ts that feel better, my brain is offering back, yes, but you know that you really can’t just create your reality with your thinking. It’s like there is some fundamental resistance to going all in on the Ts. I know I need to really commit in order to create my thinking. Maybe fear? Like if I go all in on those Ts and I don’t get my Rs I will prove to myself that this is the peak of my life. Or that maybe I think that humans are just limited in some ways and can not create their Rs? Faith and trust have always been issues for me, I can see how they are blocking me. I have other Ts floating around too- like I am not someone that good things happen to. Almost like the universe has hand picked the people who will be able to commit fully to their Ts and get their Rs and then there are some people who will always struggle with one thing or another. Like no matter how hard I try, I will never get to be the person I want to be because some event will block me from getting there. Any coaching on this to help me unpack it is greatly appreciated. Xo