My brain is out of control. I don’t know how to focus and calm my thoughts

I am new here. Here are my attempts at models with thoughts and feelings I had today at work. I need help. Communicating with my boss is difficult as we have different styles/values. She makes me feel like I am always wrong and I have anxiety most of the day.

C – It’s Sunday night or Monday morning
T – I’m behind at work and I don’t know how to catch up
F – Dread
A – Mental paralysis
R – Get nothing or very little done at work

C – At work, work not getting done
T – I’m not using my brain. I’m 38 and I don’t know how to use my own brain.
F – Ineptitude
A – Downward spiral
R – Work continues to not get done, I don’t do anything

C – I am required to put my 3 most important tasks in my team’s group Slack channel by 10am every day
T – I don’t want my boss to tell me what I wrote isn’t correct, again
F – Anxiety
A – Anxiously looking through every email and message to see if I missed something
R – I spend most of the hour from 9-10am thinking and worrying about this one thing