My brain loves drama and attention

hi there! how are you?
so i just got into a fight with my boyfriend.
he works as a freelance photographer/videographer and he was away last weekend and i was away this weekend so we just got to see us today but he then started working and i asked him if he has to work exactly now as i have to leave soon and he also has to go to a meeting.
he got angry, really angry. and started yelling at me that he never seems to get it right etc.
i stayed calm and wanted to explain myself as i just wanted to find a solution and i wanted to say sorry but i felt shame. the feeling shame came in. and as usually my drama queen brain started packing up things to leave. as soon as it gets in such a fight i love to leave and make an dramatic ending. he hates it and i also do. but it just comes natrual. as i feel ashamed and to vulnarble to just say sorry. any advice?