My brother…again

I have been here since May and truly believe that our thoughts create our emotions. I have more trouble with believing that circumstances are neutral. If I had anything horrible happen to me I am sure I wouldnt be able to accept the concept. I go along pretty well day to day but this weekend I discovered through Facebook that my brother drove thousands of miles to my town to pick up my father to go to his granddaughters birthday party and did not contact me. No call, no message…nothing. We had had a “falling out” about a year ago but I thought it was patched up. Guess not. This is the same brother who flys to Mexico to see my sister. There is nothing I can think that isnt other than he doesn’t want to have a relationship with me. I know my thoughts can make that less hurtful, but its still hurtful. I just blocked him on fb so I will no longer know when he travels to my town and doesn’t contact me. That will hurt less. My father is elderly. It wont be long before we are going to be forced to see each other. I dont want to make the situation worse, but he has a very bad temper and addressing this situation with him is not something I want to face. I really dont know what I should be doing about this. Any advise?