My business and my identity/self worth

I am an entrepreneur of 5 years in a niche market and have become very successful at what I do. My brand is well known and uses lots of technology and automation, we have had two successful phases of scaling and we are scaling again this year. It is becoming bigger and I am proud. That being said, one of my biggest struggles is that people (general population who are often not aware of this industry) will discount it or make fun of my business, my customers, the brand, or the product itself, almost instantly when the subject is broached.
If someone asks, I am now at the point where I will only say that we have an online retail business and that is it. But that is not it, we have created a movement and reached 88 countries, have international distributors, we are paving the way in the industry globally. It is because I am “tired” of having to see the reaction, laughing or jokingly or astonishment, I will then have to explain more and more, they still don’t get it, and in some cases they think it’s such a fun hobby and the conversation is over. I do not push, I let people think what they want.

However, in SOME cases, I have been extremely offended by comments about my customers, the people who have supported us and are leaders in the industry. The close mindedness of people floors me. I have the following models that I work with FREQUENTLY. I would love additional insight as to a way I can look at this recurring thing in my life. When I say recurring, it is literally EVERY time I have to tell someone what I do for a living.

C Business
T They’re now making fun of my business
F Inferior, not respected as a entrepreneur
A Anger
R Motivated to “stick it to them” Be more successful

C Business
T People are ignorant to my industry
F Indifferent, disappointed
A Move on, say nothing
R People remain ignorant to my industry, so does this person

C Business
F People are ignorant to my industry, I have a solid business
T Proud, accomplished
A Make more money & demonstrate my success
R Educated them to stop the ignorance, tell them my numbers, set them straight, inspire other women to become entrepreneurs, attract more business coaching clients (side business)

C Business
T People are ignorant to my industry, I have solid biz
F Proud, Accomplished
A Say nothing, move on
R Nothing changes, do not share success with others, remain feeling small and insignificant