My business & other people making money

Hi coaches!

I’d love some help on some thoughts I have around other people making money as I work on my own income goal.

I have an impossible goal of making $X per year by investing in real estate. I will be relying on several people in a few different roles to help me achieve this goal, though the people in these roles won’t be working directly for me as employees. These roles include real estate agent, contractors, and property managers. Basically, they’ll be service providers I’ll be paying during various phases.

With the property manager, as an example, the fee is usually 10% of the rent for the property.

Here’s what I’m worried and feel guilty about: I think it’s not fair that I’ll be making more money than the other people involved. So, if I make say $150,000, I think it’s bad of me to not create that opportunity for someone else as well who’s working in collaboration with me.

Here are some ways I have tried to massage this thought a bit:

– It’s possible for anyone to make any amount of money they choose (I can almost believe it)
– I don’t know how much money the person I’m thinking about wants to make (I can see that this is mostly true, but I have a hard time believing people don’t want to make more money)
– It’s possible to make the same amount of money as I want to in the roles I’m thinking about (this seems very doubtful to me)
– It’s possible for others to make more money by providing my business with more value
– The work relationships I’ll be entering into are mutual – I want to work with them in my capacity, and they will want to work with me within their capacity
– I can’t create other people’s R lines

I think in short that my business will be able to make me a certain amount of money, but I will not be creating an opportunity for my contractors and collaborators to make the same amount of money within the current business. And I think it’s generally possible for these service providers to create more money, but I think they’ll need to work more hours to do so. I’m in the “better” position of not needing to work more hours in order to make more money.

Part of my constraint for this new venture is that I work only Y hours per quarter, and I don’t handle any day-to-day logistics. I feel a bit bad about that – why should I be able to do this while others who are my service providers cannot?

One thought that helps me a bit for that is thinking about the time that I was a service provider for someone else’s business, and I appreciated that opportunity when I had it.

Would love your help digging into this!