My Coach Disappeared

Hi Brooke,

I had the courage to step outside of my cocoon and hire a screenwriting coach a month and a half ago.
I did the research and found one and paid him in advance for the entire package $1,000.

When we started communicating, he would not be very responsive and when he did answer to material that I sent him, it would be a two-words response, nothing I could actually learn from.
I expressed to him two weeks ago that I was expecting his guidance and notes and he replied that bad things are going with his personal life and he can’t be available now and that I should just keep doing the work to complete the script I want to write.
I then asked him to reimburse my payment and after few more emails, never heard from him again. Seems as if he disappeared.

At the moment I don’t fret over his behavior and how he chose to show up.
I think I thought that for the price I am paying I have an expectation to be led to the next to-do thing and I fell on a coach that haven’t met my expectations and disappeared with my money.

Truth is that I cannot afford to hire another one in the next few months due to other obligations and I try to solve the dissonance I have after convincing myself that I can only continue with a screenwriting coach vs. now trying to do it on my own.
What am I not seeing clearly?