My coaching is not valuable enough

Also took to biz ask a coach for the coaching bit, but here is where i am stuck

i love TEACHING. im a badass teacher- done it for 12 years in so many subjects and capacities. i feel comfortable in it. we can get into the language of “ive practiced the thought im good at this so many times that it feels true” i get that, but also… experience IS valuable and im a great teacher.

im in ccp right now, and have passed my practicums etc, but whenever i go into thinking about marketing to create clients, it boils down to me kind of believing im not a good coach, so i should just focus on teaching. i know the way i learn the skill of being a good coach is thru coaching.

c: marketing to, creation of, coaching of 1-1 clients:
t: im not a good enough coach
f: resistant
a: focus on making online courses, not making offers, self-coaching a little bit less, kind of switching ventures into online course creationg, focus less on coach certification program, not go back and review other sessions to learn from them, not get feedback, not ask for feedback, discount the positive testimonials that other have given me, compare myself to the 100k earners,

To be honest, I think I AM a good coach b/c when i see other ppl coach im like wow lcs tools are so much better. but then when i go into explaining what I do, it’s like…. idk how to describe coaching. that must mean i am no good at it. vs teaching is i give people information and they take it into their brains so they have a new understanding. i guess coaching is the same but its about their own brain patterns… idk.

anyways id like to get to “maybe im not an a+ coach now but thats ok.” or I’m a good coach and that is enough to change someones life. I just dont know how to believe that.