My cookbook is a best seller ! 🙌

Dear Brooke,

Last summer, I wrote in to talk about my goal of having my new cookbook be a best seller, and how to deal with the feelings of doubt and uncertainty that were creeping up.

You responded: “Believe that you have complete control over whether it becomes a best seller.
Decide that you will keep taking massive action until it is.
That’s how you’ll develop the certainty and confidence you want to feel and that you will be taking all your actions from.”

That’s what I worked to do, with thought management and visualizations. Everything I’ve done around for the launch has felt so aligned and powerful, and now, three days after the release… tadaa! My book is an Amazon best seller!

I’ve also had my publishing team say they had rarely worked with such a clever and hard-working author, and that it was a perfect launch — I couldn’t agree more. 😆

I can say FOR SURE that this is all a result of my 14 months of SCS work here with you. And of course the best part is, none of it has felt like hustling or efforting. I just chose thoughts that made me feel inspired and confident, and acted from those feelings.

Just wanted to share that success with you and others — doing the work pays off massively!

Clotilde in Paris.