my dad

so this week i choose my dad as one of the relationship i want to work on.

and this was one of the questions:
what do you want to give and offer this person?

i want to offer him nice dinners, great conversations, NO JUDGMENTS concerning his behaviour and his thinking.

but my question is now following:
i want to give him all that and i feel really empowered and love writing it down.
but when i imagine him having one of his negative moments where he cries and plays the victim. It just triggers negatvie thoughts.

so i wrote down what i should think: i love him no matter what
and just breathe and maybe walk away.
is this resisting my emotion of anger and no screaming and trying to change him and telling him he should stop??
i can already imagine how i try to think that and biting my lips so i would not rip his head of haha and try to lecture him

what would you do?