My Daily Challenge

I’m giving myself daily challenges that produce negative emotions. Today’s exercise is posting my model in Scholars. My thought is that I will look foolish. My models are:

Unintentional Model
C Posting models in Ask a Coach
T I will look foolish
F Insecure
A I procrastinate doing it because it has to be just right.
R I create even more negative thoughts about myself.

Intentional Model
C Posting models in Ask a Coach
T I can do things that create negative feelings.
F willing
A I write my post
R I allow my insecurity to be here and do it anyway.

To make this even better, as I was typing it and almost finished, I hit a keystroke that caused my post to disappear. I don’t know if it was submitted or not, so I’m doing it again.

Any thoughts or suggestions for improving my model?