My Daily Dare–SO proud of me right now!

Hi Brooke! When you say that “your people” are the ones who are happy to pay you money for what you provide, you are talking about ME! I’m only in my first month, and I already can’t wait to pay you again and get ANOTHER month of awesomeness from myself in this program. Today, I completed my scariest dare yet–driving in Manhattan!! I’m from a small town in East Tennessee, and three years ago I moved about an hour and a half north of NYC for a job. This whole time I have vehemently refused to drive down in the City because traffic is CUH-RAY-ZEE down there! Well earlier in the week someone asked me if I was going to be driving down to the City for a meeting or taking the train; as soon as I felt the fear bubble up at the thought of driving, I knew that I would dare myself to do it. The meeting was canceled so I decided that I would take a Sunday drive. Literally, I drove over two hours down there with traffic, wound up and down some streets just to rub it in a little, and then drove home. On the way down, I thought of so many reasons to turn around, but I kept going. My body suddenly remembered every ache and pain it has ever had and brought it up. I just said, “I appreciate you trying to protect me from what you think is dangerous, but I promise we are in fantastic shape!” Every time GPS offered me a way around a backed up spot, I declined and really chased down the fear and discomfort of this experience. And you know what? It ended up being 100% fine. AND I had fun! I would absolutely drive there again. Truthfully I know that I will mostly likely still take the train when I visit, but it’s because I really enjoy walking around in Manhattan and parking fares are beyond outrageous. But now I know I can make that decision on a case-by-case basis from an empowered place rather than automatically counting driving out just because it [used to be] scary! All this reflection on self-confidence and the daily dares have helped me begin to literally redefine myself as a person who will go find discomfort on purpose and accept rejection as easily as acceptance as a force for good in my life. Brooke, thank you so much for that! I am on the edge of my seat, excited for the challenges of the months to come here in Self Coaching Scholars!