My dare Day#2

Ok, so although it didn’t seem like a big enough dare, I decided to do it. There is one public speaker whom I enormously love and respect, she is fire. I attended one introductory course by her on how to make profit by speaking. It was one of those webinars to attract people to sign in for a package. Although I will like to do it, it was not under my budget for now. And I wasn’t sure if I can do too many courses at one time. So, when I saw a mail from her (or her support team) enquiring why I had not registered, I decided to ask if I could do it for free. For one, I know I may never get a reply or get one. But so the risk was less. But it helped me unblock one of the beliefs I have been holding. As I did Model, I realized that I do not ask for free or ask for discounts because of what my mom taught me – that it’s only for the needy or poor. Hence I don’t go for discounts. And that’s when I realized that universe has abundance for everyone. If I take something, I don’t take it away from someone else ! Yeh ! And I sent a mail, haven’t heard back yet. On a similar note, I want to ask Brooke – Can you please let me do this course for free ? I will really appreciate it. All my budget for self learning is going here, and I am unable to explore more – and unsure if I will be able to continue. But I will really love to continue and learn all there is. I Love Brooke and her approach. Thank you.