My dare for the question

My mom-in-law came over for a summer vacation trip yesterday 🙂 We have a wonderful relationship from the very beginning, she is kind, loving and very caring. In fact, I missed her so much when we moved to United States. One of things that I do not agree with her is idol worship. She has complete faith in it and tells us to follow it. I genrally avoid it and do not get into discussion over it. We do maintain a place of worship at home because that’s tradition but I do not attempt to take care of it. So usually before she comes over, I would frantically clean the space. This time I did not, I decided to show who I really am when she is not around. It doesn’t decrease my love for her. And to my surprise, she did not seem to mind at all. She said she will clean it as a matter of fact. She also mentioned during a discussion later on that both of us believe in God but everyone’s ways are different and in fact she is changing from how she was to how she is now. I was so happy that I remained true to who I am. Thanks to Brooke on the Relationship and Self confidence course !