My dare of the day / Result success

Last month I thanked you for “Beliving the impossible “challenge from January.
I reached my goal of losing a total of 100 pounds and on June 21st I am schedule for surgery to have my excess skin removed .
My dare was to see if I could have an extra procedure done at no extra charge ? He agreeed and now I have an extra 3,000 procedure done for free🤗
Brooke , this is my dare for today . Very nervous 😬
I would appreciate if you would consider me for a position in your company as a coach ? I am one of your VIP’s , attended you last Modelthon and will become a diamond member in September.
I am also signed up for your certification course in 2019 .
As I am continuing to coach myself and learn from you , could you give me your expectations for becoming one of your employees as a coach.
My dare is to ask again for consideration to be your employee at the appropriate time .
[email protected]