My dares so far

Since last summer, I have lost 50 pounds, with the last 17 (after being plateaued for a few months) since joining Scholars in April. I am working on losing another 15 to reach my goal weight. My dares over the last several days have been about going to exercise classes. Ever since I was a kid and hated PE, feeling uncoordinated and awkward, I’ve been embarrassed about trying new forms of exercise. I always think that people are watching and judging me. For my very first dare, I went to a cycling class at a local spin studio. I coached myself all the way through-what I would need to think to ask for help to set up my bike, comparing myself to others, what I would think to get myself to a 5:45 am class, and then reflecting on how great I felt afterwards. I liked it so much I went back the following day! Later in the weekend, I tried a Zumba class where I was completely clueless in the moves, but focused on how much I loved the music and appreciated the joy of the “regulars” who knew all the steps. I went to a restorative yoga class that my husband has been asking me for years to join him at. Tomorrow I am going to my first Pilates session-something I have said for five years I “want to try” but never actually followed through on. I’ve also been taking massive actions on house projects that I have been procrastinating on because I hate making phone calls and spending money (which seems totally ridiculous when I see it written out). I can’t wait to see what else I accomplish this month!