My daughter does not want to learn the model

I am trying to get my 24-year-old daughter to listen to The Life Coach School podcast and start to possibly understand the model and how it can help her in her life.

She’s listened to a few of the podcasts with me but says it is too much work to do right now and gets annoyed with me when I ask her. This causes me to feel very frustrated.

Here is my model on this subject:

C: My daughter told me she did not want to listen to the podcast.
T: She is going to continue to be upset with things in her past.
F: Frustrated and sad.
A: I am showing up as unsupportive and overbearing.
R: My daughter tells me she feels like I am mad at her.

I have told her that the only reason I want her to listen to it is that I wish that I had known these skills when I was her age. I also gave her examples of how she could apply it to her life and process her thoughts. She said I want to feel this way. I feel like I would be lying to myself if I tried to feel differently. It’s very frustrating.

I told her I won’t ask her again, but if she ever feels like talking about it, that she can tell me.